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    Each rite of passage event brings together a diverse community of Tracks facilitators, supporting men, young leaders and new boys – approximately 40 people in total. The focus is on creating a safe, educational, powerful, memorable, moving and transformative experience for the new young men going through their rite of passage.

    Many societies around the world, both ancient and modern, recognise the transition from child to adult and hold a ceremony and celebration – the ‘initiation’ or ‘rite of passage’. Research shows that when the community creates a conscious rite of passage, adolescents realise more clearly how their strengths and attributes can contribute to the wellbeing of their community, as well as to their own future. This not only helps them to be happy, stable and more able to lead positive and fulfilling lives, but the potential for social improvement is enormous.

    A Tracks Rite of Passage Event is designed in two parts, with two possible levels of learning for young men. When a boy first comes to a Tracks Rite of Passage Event he arrives as a new boy and leaves as a new young man: this is his rite of passage. He may then be invited to return as a young leader, or a ‘Tracker’. We strongly encourage you to think of the process as not just one rite of passage, but as two stages: the second being learning about the qualities of leadership and service. Experience has shown us that a return to the programme in a service role adds significantly to the degree of transformation from boy to responsible young man

    The five days of our Rites of Passage follow five main themes:

    1. Separation from Family and Community
    2. Building our Community
    3. Transition & Challenge
    4. Celebration & Assimilation
    5. Incorporation, return to family and community

    QuoteIt was awesome – Life changing.Quote_end

    Karl – New Young Man


    This is a powerful programme for any man with an interest in rites of passage, transition and the stages of life, whether in relation to himself, his family or his community. If you choose, this is also the way to become more involved with the facilitation of Tracks’ programmes and to begin to learn how to formulate rites of passage effectively for modern boys and young men. You can make a difference just as you are: your doubts, anxieties and concerns are all the stuff of living, modern manhood.



    Returning young men, or ‘Trackers’, play one of the most important roles within the community on a Rite of Passage Event. They are the closest in age, experience and culture to the new boys and offer them a unique form of reassurance, role modelling and support as peers. Each new boy has his own Tracker assigned to him at the beginning of the event. Trackers are looked up to by the new boys and cherished by the men. Their presence and leadership is a vital part of each rite of passage.

    At Tracks a boy takes his first steps on the long road to healthy manhood. It is a peak experience and it’s highly beneficial to reconnect with that experience and the men’s community, after a period of integration.

    Being a Tracker helps deepen the experience started by the initial rite of passage and constitutes the second half of the rite of passage process. Taking on a leadership and service role enables a young man to incorporate his new knowledge, skills and understanding and begin to explore his new freedoms and responsibilities in relation to his community.

    Our regional communities’ vision is to further extend and broaden the opportunities for Trackers to encourage teamwork, provide time to foster relationships and develop the sense of belonging, and continue mentoring, support and coaching.


    A new weekend for 8 - 10 year old boys and their dads. Camping with your son, playing games, laughing and having fun together with other boys and dads, open fires, stars and stories. Precious undistracted time to revel in the joy and exuberance of - Your boy, being a boy with you, his hero.......

    QuoteA place to safely grow into a young man.Quote_end

    Tom Sturgeon – Young Leader