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    Marking Life's Stages

    Jim Horton - Don Bowak

    True stories of change ... Lessons learned to share ...

    This book has been a journey spanning years; starting as a project to re-publish Australian Don Bowak's wonderful book of the same name, it has grown into so much more. It contains true personal stories of men and women and their journey to adulthood as well as a manual on how to create 'Rites of Passage' for your family or community.

    Included within the pages are Don Bowaks original book of the same title. We have included key aspects of several of our teachers and mentors work including; Joseph Campbell, Bill Plotkin, Dr Arne Rubinstein, Michael Jude, Bret Stephenson. Also included in the book are stories from men and women involved with the work of inspiring young people as well as directly involved with 'The Rites of Passage Foundation'.

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    Tides Recipe Book

    Kerryn Easterbrook & Gabby Hollis

    If you’ve been to Tides this recipe book will take you back to your favourite foodie moments. If you haven’t been then you’re taste buds will inspire you to get there. Bliss balls, raw lime cheesecake, burger night, dreamy dips, there is something delicious for everyone. Buy a copy now and you'll be one step closer to eating scrumptious healthy food. $25 per copy excl postage. All proceeds go to supporting the Rites of Passage Foundation and a bright future for young people!