Good Men Make Tracks
    Tui Events Park
    05 Mar - 07 Mar 2021

    This is a powerful programme for any man with an interest in rites of passage, transition and the stages of life, whether in relation to himself, his family or his community. If you choose, this is also the way to become more involved with the facilitation of Tracks’ programmes and to begin to learn how to formulate rites of passage effectively for modern boys and young men. You can make a difference just as you are: your doubts, anxieties and concerns are all the stuff of living, modern manhood.

    This training gives participants the opportunity to:

    • Learn about and experience the components of a Rite of Passage
    • Become familiar with the framework of Tracks programs
    • Gain communication and group work skills
    • Understand the developmental tasks of adolescence
    • Look at how to support young people today

    In order to take part in a GMMT it is important you are:

    • Willing to engage in your own personal development work
    • Able to function in a team environment
    • Willing to under-go a police check (should you choose to attend a full rite at a later date)

    If looking to crew in the future it is advantageous if you have any of the following:

    • Qualifications or experience in youth work, men’s work, teaching, creative or performing arts, outdoor ed, physical activities, bush craft, camping, group facilitation, first aid.

    The men supporting Tracks range in age from 18 to 60+ and come with a wide range of stories, skills and life experience. Whether or not you plan to be involved with Tides in the long-term, we are interested in what you bring.

    Cost: $350

    This includes catering, materials and accommodation. We accept payment plans or instalments. *Please note that as events fill up we are unable to take your registration and secure your place without payment of fees.

    Rising Sons
    Tui Events Park
    19 Mar - 21 Mar 2021

    A weekend for 8 - 10 year old boys and their dads. Camping with your son, playing games, laughing and having fun together with other boys and dads, open fires, stars and stories. Precious undistracted time to revel in the joy and exuberance of - Your boy, being a boy with you, his hero.......

    Tracks Rite of Passage
    Tui Events Park
    27 Apr - 01 May 2021

    5 days and 4 nights strengthening the bond between father & son

    Boys need a supportive transition into adulthood…  

    Learning from others, and developing your son’s confidence as they move towards a positive future. 

    Teenagers face one of the most exciting and challenging times of their life - building an independent identity, while moving into a wider world of possible risk and danger. Young men need good men who are prepared to share the deepest truth about their lives. Without that, they run the risk of building an identity based on guess work from peers, borrowed images, media stereotypes and the fantastical heroes of popular culture.

    Now more than ever, they need real men present in their lives.

    Tracks encourages fathers and men to help create an experience for the young men they care about, encouraging them to grow true to themselves. It’s an exciting inner and outer adventure held in beautiful Golden Bay. Events run 3 times a year in the January, April and October school holidays.

    For young people; Tracks will help you move beyond ‘childhood’, build self-confidence, uncover your uniqueness and discover your strengths, qualities, and potential in a new way. Men of all ages will encourage you to trust your intuition, find your voice and make strong choices. From here you will stand more confidently in the world on your own two feet ensuring a lot of fun along the way.

    “If men can begin to share their stories with their sons …. and if we can honour these stories within our society …., we’ll be taking a significant step forward in guiding our young men successfully into manhood.”

    Celia Lashlie