Wilderness Solo - Canaan Downs

A wilderness solo is a contemporary translation of the ancient ritual of the vision quest, which was held in all corners of the world. Alone in the wilderness...with only yourself, and nature as your companion. After a day and a half of preparing yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically, you spend three days and three nights in nature in a solo spot of your choice.

Impulses and distractions from the outside are limited as much as possible. After this time, there will be a day and a half of integration before returning home. During your solo sit, you fast and sit with your intention. To give yourself the chance to fully be, you will take nothing more in your backpack than what is absolutely necessary.

It can be a way to mark that you are entering a new stage of life or that you have arrived at a point of transformation. With nature as your primal guide you give yourself the chance to find clarity and inner power and to boost your personal development and spirituality.


Branch: NBS Takaka
Acc name: Rites of Passage Foundation
Account: 03 1354 0298064 00

NOTE: This offering is for adults 18 years and older, who are part of our Rites of Passage Community.


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