Newsletter September 2010

The new website, logo and communication tools are important tools for getting the message out there and for staying in touch. In time, we hope to continue assisting other communities, such as Coromandel, Wellington and Canterbury, take up the flame and light their own torch of hope for youth.


Urgent: Last minute space on upcoming Rite of Passage Event (ROPE)

Due to a last-minute cancellation, we have two more space for two boys (and fathers) for the Rite of Passage event commencing this Sunday, 3rd October. If you know of someone, please feel free to forward this e-mail and contact the office by e-mail or call Adge on 03 525 8778.


Givealittle and helping Tracks grow

To help us expand the reach of Tracks, you can help with a donation. As little as $5 helps us do this. Please click here to donate via credit card or here to donate via bank transfer. Otherwise, please send a cheque to the address below. Every little bit helps to make Tracks more accessible



Kauaeranga Valley (near Thames): making a new Tracks base

Tracks is working to make community supported rites of passage accessible to boys in the regions. The new Tracks event centre in the Kauaeranga Valley near Thames is progressing well. Working bees have cleared gorse to reveal a fantastic new space and 'basecamp'




18-22 October, near Nelson Lakes.

Mensquest is a guided  5- day journey of inner exploration. ‘Empowering Men to find and share their authentic selves with the World’. Combining a wilderness experience with fire circles and a vision quest in the company of other good men. For men of all ages and life stages. Facilitated by Duncan Henry, an elder in the tracks events. ’I'm combining my passions for the wilderness, social change, menswork and personal growth by offering this course''.



An inspiring story from an inspiring young Tracks man

“Hey there my name is Quinn. I am 17 and just moved to London to start a Level 5 Higher Diploma in Songwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). The IMCP is one of the most respected music schools in the world.

I'm building a foundation to become a top musician writing music to influence the world to a brighter future and share some of my perspective. I'm at the centre of the world for music and I couldn't have made this transition without the help of Tracks. Before tracks I didn't have a lot of positives in my life. I was 16 and working at McDonalds 35 hours a week on top of school. The job definitely wasn't helping my social life or school work as I would sometimes fall asleep in class. I wasn’t eating properly and friendships were disintegrating… 

I didn't have a very good relationship with my girlfriend at the time. It was just all about the physical and there was no deep connection. I had a terrible relationship with my Dad. Every time he and I met, we would end up in a fight. He barely knew me and I had no idea who he was, we were like strangers.  

My mum was gone. They got divorced when I was 8, after it I didn't recognise her. I almost never saw her and when I did it was as if I was the parent. I was forced into responsibility, making decisions and just generally looking after her. Mum left when I was 15 leaving me with a few properties to look after and an old car which was supposed to be a birthday present but barely worked. I think I spent most of my McDonalds money on repairing that car.  

Whilst this was going on, I was also trying to resist old drug habits that I had developed when I was young. I was trying to cover up my problems but failing. Things where looking pretty bleak until my best friend/chosen brother Rowan told me about Tracks. He couldn't tell me what it was and as teenagers tend to do I told him that it must be ‘because it's gay’ and that must be the reason he couldn't tell me.

I'm glad he persisted ‘cause I don't know where I'd be without the experience I gained at Tracks.

Now my father and I have an amazing relationship that can only get stronger. I can be totally honest with him and not have fear of rejection. It's great, Dad still has some stories to tell but I'll hear them all in due time. I have accepted the fact that I'm never really going to have a mother, at present she's just a phone call away, however, I don't think I'm quite ready to face her, but I will one day.

My interactions with women have changed too. Before I left NZ I had an amazing girlfriend and we had been together for 11 months, the only reason we broke up is because I'm on the other side of the world. It's hard leaving everything I had behind but I'm getting over it and moving on to follow a greater ambition and entering the next exiting chapter of life.  

Tracks has given me the tools I need. Tracks has given me so much self-confidence and opened me to who I truly am and what I want, I really believe that it is something that every boy/man should do. The thing I'll leave you with is H.O.P.E, my life mission Help Open People’s Eyes meaning to show people who they are and what’s really important”.

Quinn Cordukes