Tracks and Tides Newsletter - Autumn 2017

A Storm Brings an Early Surprise…

The January 2017 Tides was a jam packed and eventful rite of passage. We had 9 new young women cross the threshold, supported by 9 mothers, 9 young leaders and a full crew. It was a particularly special event due to the fact that Emily Fawcett (an ex-Tides facilitator/director) and her daughter Lily were in from the UK to go through the rite. Thanks to Emily, the Tides program has gained some great songs, stories and fun tools for engaging with nature. After 3 years absence Emily was able to see how we continue to put her contributions to good use!

The storm mid-way through the week made for a very wild time. Mighty mother nature came in full force not long after our main challenge completed. Some people managed to sleep through the gale force winds but Ngarie Jones was one of the few who stayed awake all night. As a long standing facilitator and director of Tides, Ngarie was back in January for a last foray with the program before the birth of her baby later in the year.

Along with the wind and rain, the storm brought on the alarmingly early arrival of that baby. Unable to get any further than Nelson in the weather, Ngarie was whisked off to Christchurch hospital the following morning. A further transfer to Wellington and Sofia, as she is now named, was born a week later. Premature by 15 weeks it’s been a long and tenuous haul for Ngarie and her husband Sam.

Thanks to Wellington Hospital’s Neonatal unit, Sofia’s strength and the love and care of Sam and Ngarie, Sofia is now vital, well and 9 weeks young. Only another 13 years Sofia and you can do a whole Tides…We will be ready and waiting for you!



Tracks & Tides Young Leader Event (TnT) - January 2017

After being out of the Tracks loop for about four years I almost stumbled upon the TnT event last January. Arriving at the event was like coming home to a big family, after our first sacred circle I felt integrated and alive. The three days were a jumble of gorgeous experiences and left me in awe at the wisdom and power that we as young human beings hold.

It was so important for me to see my passion and excitement mirrored in so many at the event. To see and be seen while expressing our true selves is truly a beautiful thing.

I will definitely be coming to as many future TnT events as I possibly can. 


TnT Wellington

After the January event Fiona and me have been making efforts to organise a regular TnT meetup in the Wellington region. The idea is still very fresh but the amount of people who are interested has been inspiring.

Having a space outside of the treefield where we can talk and share deeply is something I am very passionate about creating. I believe we are at the start of something wonderful that can evolve into whatever we need it to be. The only struggle now is organising and creating space that works for everyone in our busy lives.

If you want to get involved with this project please contact me on facebook: Benji Wick.

Love and Light to you,

Benji Wick


Tracks - April 2017

I came as a photographer to help spread the word (or pictures rather) of what happens during a Tracks rite of passage - as much as I could without giving away too much of the mystery and intrigue anyway.

This was the first time on Tracks for me. I was inspired in almost every moment. What an amazing course. I can’t wait to come back with my son.

During the preparation days, the heavens opened up for us. I settled down among the elders as we prepared for the others to arrive. The ancestors were there with us and made themselves known.

During the days that followed, I participated as one of the men and extracted myself occasionally to photograph what was going on. I felt proud and honoured to be counted among these kind, gentle and strong men. I grew within myself more than I ever expected, and certainly more than I ever have on a photography assignment. 

It was not as a photographer, but as a man that I opened my heart to other men. I came away stronger and felt more connected with myself and other men for it. And I came away with plenty of images that I’ll look back through fondly.

If you would also like to look through the photographs, visit, or my blog at



Rising Sons – March 2017

Coming into its fifth year now, our Rising Sons programme continues to be a sweet, deep and efervescent barrel of laughs for all!

It was nice to have three Dad’s back for a second time with their younger sons. Their familiarity with the programme and the Treefield helped get us off to a flying start.

We were really fortunate to have a guest facilitator join us. New to Tracks and in at the deep end with Rising Sons, came Marty Stringer. He signed up to help on team and brought with him his passion and profession; photography.

Marty has been working a lot with drone cameras and was brave enough to take a few flights over us. The boys learned about drones and got to hover along and follow the rays as they swam around Wainui. Next stop for Marty was some work helping to protect the Daintree Rainforest in Australia.

Elton Moltzon, a new chef for Tracks, cooked us up a storm in the galley with help from returning junior leaders Leon and Koa. Four course morning tea, Whatever next!……..

Rising Sons will be all go again on the 10th – 12th of November. 


Upcoming events

The October rites aren’t too far away and we’d love to hear from you if you know of families who might be interested to come along?

What we’ve come to understand is personal referrals and recommendations lead the field in bringing people to the work. So please, if you’re able, share your experiences and story, find time to talk with friends, family and the people in your life to help keep this work growing and all our events well registered.

Thank you so much for the support.

The new season will begin with the annual Treefield Working Bee Weekend on the 9th & 10th of September, so have a look at your calendar and if you can spare some time and toil on either of those days please book us in.

The first Tracks event of the season will be a Good Men Make Tracks. It runs from 15th – 17th September, once again if you know of guys who’d enjoy a GMMT please talk to them and us.

Lastly, as you know, all these events need good teams to deliver them. Please let us know if you’d like to staff any of our upcoming events; Tracks and Tides rites, Training weekends, TnT young leaders events or the 8-10’s Rising Sons programme.  


Tui Treefield Events Park Update April 2017

Another full season in the Treefield is almost at a close. I have enjoyed my first season as Treefield Co-ordinator. There have been a few changes afoot. The kitchen has received new equipment, which has made the cooks smile, almost 30 new mattresses are keeping everyone comfortable, and changes to the Tipi poles have meant dry happy people! I am also excited to announce that our new Cottage accommodation is almost complete. ‘Lost Cottage’ provides comfortable inside accommodation for up to four people. Views from the cottage over the wetlands and out to sea are breathtaking!

This year our working bee weekend, Show the Love, will be on September the 9th and 10th. We’d love to see you there to help with wide variety of tasks that the Treefield needs at the start of a season. Come and enjoy some hard work, food, and fun with others, all accommodation for the weekend is free. Thank you for your support of the Treefield, we rely on volunteer hours to keep this special place going and couldn’t do it without you. 

Natasha Gall  

See the Tui Website for more about the Treefield, including the 2017-2018 Calendar.


Tui Treefield Events Park Cottage Accommodation

New on offer to the Treefield is our ‘Lost Cottage’, which sleeps four people. Enjoy inside comfort with spectacular views across the Wainui Estuary and out to sea. The cottage is located in a secluded area of the Treefield with a deck for you to enjoy the surroundings from.

The surcharge for using the cottage is currently $10 a night per person during an event, once power and water are installed the charge will be $15 a night per person during an event. For staying in the cottage outside of an event please contact:

Natasha Gall  

Crossing the Threshold

Below is a summary of the article Gabby wrote for the journal of the British Holistic Medical Associations, which is aimed at GP's and med students who are looking at their practice from a more holistic perspective. The article will be published in the next BHMA journal due to come out some time soon. The theme of the journal is children and young people's health.

Young people today face one of the most exciting and challenging times of their life - building an independent identity, while moving into the wider world of possible risk and danger. Their physical and mental health depends on the availability of a community that is willing

to help navigate the inner and outer changes of the adolescent terrain. Rites of passage can help young people build the confidence they need to make positive life choices. They can also contribute to adolescents finding a sense of belonging, forming strong bonds with multiple generations along the way.

From ancient times and to this day, young people (12-24 years) or adolescents have been and still are, biologically driven towards metamorphosis. Aside from the zero to three years, there is no other time in the life of the human body and brain where transformation occurs to the degree that teenagers experience. For millennia, cultures have given priority to acknowledging and celebrating this important transition by means of a rite of passage. In doing so they supported their young peo-ple to be strong, confident and mindful members of society. The future depended on it. Read the full article..


The Men’s Gathering at Tui Treefield 22 -- 26 March

Eighteen men converged to share stories, music, meals, laughter, dance and of course, the unknown. There was a nice balance of deep work around the fire, and laughter and play around the treehouse.

This year we had a couple of facilitated circles around a particular theme. Sharings were deep and transformational.

Wet and wild weather added a touch of drama, not to say that it was needed. As ever, the Treefield provided the perfect environment to allow magic to unfold, gumboots and all.

If you’d like information about next year’s men’s gathering, 21--25 March 2018, contact John at