Rites of Passage Foundation - December 2020 - Update

Kia Ora Whanau,

Wishing you all a very relaxed and happy holiday season and a great start of the New Year. Time to shake off some of the upsets of the past year and focus on the year ahead with renewed inspiration and positivity. The passing of Jim most definately was the saddest event for us here at ROPF.  Jim's memorial service and celebration will be held on Saturday, the 8th of May 2021 at the Tui Events Park. A movie in the making about Rites of Passage by Jay Horton has got a big part of Jim's story in it and is coming along nicely now (see piece and link to the website and trailer below).

Personally, I feel very inspired and ready to hit the reset button for a fresh start of the year. A new event season with fully subscribed events for both Tracks and Tides for January (still 1 space left on the Tides rite due to a cancellation). The April rites are already filling up, with Tracks having spaces available still. So, if you're interested or know of a family who might be, now would be the time to get in touch and sign up.

Best Wishes,



Jim's memorial service

This is an invitation to Jim's memorial service and celebration for everyone who knew and loved Jim and wishes to be part of this. It will be held on Saturday, the 8th of May 2021 at the Tui Events Park (Tree Field) in Wainui, Golden Bay. The program for this event is still unfolding. People are welcome to arrive on Friday, the 7th and stay in the Tree Field until Sunday, the 9th of May. The main program will be on the Saturday. For questions, please contact Adge on info@tracks.net.nz or Suzi on suzi.jim.roots@gmail.com


Fathers and sons

Kia Ora Rites of Passage Foundation Whanau!

I would like to bring you some news about the Rites of Passage Film that was called Marking Life's Stages and is now called Fathers and Sons. Some of you have supported this project, some of you have been interviewed for it and may end up being in it and some of you may not know about it yet. It is a story about my father Jim and I as we have journeyed together being part of the beginning of Tracks and the Rites of Passage Foundation.

I have been working on this project for 3 years now and had not been able to come clear on how to finish. Something that has been really difficult for me over the last years was the slow decline of Jim's health and how to finish the film which has so much to do with his story and mine.

Now that he has died it is time to share this story as part of his legacy.

During a rising Sons Event in 2018 I met Rich Humpheys, a film producer, he attended with his son Rai. We spoke about the film and he shared his interest to help with it. Shortly after Jim's death I reached out to him. Rich has come in with the needed enthusiasm and skills. I am excited and proud to share with you the new website and trailer for the film. Please engage with us by putting your email into the website so we can keep you updated with release information.

Wishing you and yours light and growth. May we all embrace our stories and the wisdom inside.


Jay Horton 


New pentacle

Not a straight forward year for the new Pentacle, but we’re back to it and heading down the home straight.

Unfortunately this year the Pentacle’s design required some revision and her plans have needed amending on a couple of occasions as well.

Thankfully now we’re off the engineers desk again and hoping for Christmas that our 50 steel cables and fittings will arrive.

These will rig the poles, anchors and hub to create a steel web that will tie the structure together and hold the tent fabric.

Once rigged Tasman Canvas will measure up and get to work on the high tension membrane that forms the white skin of the tent.

Our biggest thank you this year must surely go to OPTELEC - Sam Piozin-Belloir and his team. Your generosity, expertise, patience, persistence and good humour have been a phenomenal support, without which things may have gone very differently.


The Pentacle will have an official opening and blessing, so we’ll keep you posted on that when there’s a clearer picture of when the work will be finished.

Thanks to everyone who’s had a hand in progressing our Pentacle 5 this year.

Merry Christmas,



Kia ora whanau,

Sending lots of aroha out to you all and wishing you a fun, restful and inspiring holiday season. I hope you have a moment for a big breath out and time to notice all that is well in the world. This is the season to be grateful. Much appreciation to all you have contributed to Tides, Tracks and the Rites of Passage Foundation this year. Thanks to you, the fire is still burning. We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Mauri ora,